REMARKABLE, MIRACULOUS, INTEGRITY, HIGHLY SKILLED are just some of the words that describe Peter Thompson. He has been my ONLY massage therapist for the past 5 years. Even when I had a back condition that required physical therapy, I got more relief and results from Peter’s therapy. There is not much more I can say differently from the previous reviewers except, Peter is REALLY the greatest for your mind, body, spirit and feet!

Duiona Baker

When I get a massage from Peter, he listens carefully to learn about what areas are tight on me.  His massage is very thorough and he focuses on my really tight areas.  In addition, he has a very calm, quiet and relaxed demeanor which makes the massage even more inviting.  Awesomeness!

Suzi Britt

A massage session with Peter is the best form of therapy, and he’s doing all the work!  Each of my visits with him have been therapeutic to the body and mind.  You will walk away feeling better from head to toe, and more importantly you will not feel like you’ve been beaten up!

Amber Jackson

Peter has been instrumental in helping me rehab two injuries: frozen shoulder and a tibia compression fracture. He addressed the injuries by completely understanding my situation and then worked to help me regain mobility using deep tissue massage,  cupping and assisted stretching . In addition to therapeutic massage Peter incorporated techniques for all around health and wellbeing. I credit Peter for getting me back on skis and resuming my active lifestyle.

Nancy Petrik

Peter is by far the best massage therapist in the state. Not only is he miraculous at massage, but his devotion and caring for his clients is unparalleled. I think so much of Peter that not only do I see him, but I took my mom to see him and now she is one of his regular patients.

James Yeargon

“Looking for a massage therapist? Look no more! Peter is just what I need. Your needs might be different but he will read you perfectly knowing just how to meet your needs and help you feel better at the same time. I feel safe, comfortable and respected, and so much better afterwards. Enjoy.”

Wendy Steinbaum

“I didn’t realize the world outside of just a “good” massage until I met Peter. He’s set the bar extremely high for not only personalizing specific body needs, but giving every customer an overall feeling of euphoria and wellness. There are people who specialize in the area of massage therapy, and then there is Peter Thompson.”

Chris “Ludacris” Bridges

“My first therapeutic massage with Peter immediately ranked him in the “Top 3” of my lifetime experiences. We discussed my physical concerns/tolerance level, and during the massage, Peter checked to ensure everything was acceptable to me. His style incorporates Swedish & Deep Tissue using long fluid strokes, kneading, and foot reflexology. He is a remarkable body worker in addition to being a lovely, gentle soul.”

Monica S.